I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in inner-city Seattle, Washington. Yes, I was one of the few living in the city who was actually from Seattle. I thrived in the city as an angsty teen (who wasn't?), I dug myself deep into the music scene, where I met so many musicians, photographers, painters, writers -- all the free-spirited, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants, half-hippy partiers you would expect to run into in the sleepy little city Seattle was at the time. I was completely inspired by every person, every encounter, and every experience. I broke the family mold, embraced my creative streak, and went to college for Design, majoring in Interior Design. All the while I had a little glimmer of a dream sparked by a passion to make stuff with my hands. I was dreamin' up Jewelbug - I just didn't know it yet.
Over the years Seattle changed, I changed, and I moved. I fell in love, ditched the city, and moved to a tiny Island in the San Juans called Orcas to be closer to my boyfriend. He is in a creative profession and has been a huge driving force in getting me back into my creative brain and using my hands as often as humanly possible. He the sort of person who sees the creative process in every day tasks, and that really inspires me. Creating and making and experimenting is 100% what I was made for,  and that's the only thing I've ever been sure of. In all my years of creating, though, soap and candles were my first bout with making things that come in direct contact with someone, and I am completely smitten. 
What really has me entranced about the products I make for Jewelbug is the fact that they are useful in our every day lives, and they serve to make something simple and menial like bathing or washing your hands or lighting a candle into something worthy of pausing and enjoying. Something to encourage you take a minute for yourself, breathe deep, and relax. Love truly is in the details of your day, and the details are my favorite part.
So here it is, the culmination of a lifetime of creating, a lot of dreams, skills, people, experiences, encouragement, success, failed experiments, learning, observation, quirky ideas, excitement, and naivete leading straight into a cute little shop owned by me! Lauren Galeotti. And, of course, a little (a lot) of help from all the people I love.