I grew up in inner-city Seattle, Washington; the Evergreen state, the tech mecca, the birthplace of Grunge music ... Seattle is known for a lot of things, but before any of those things meant anything to me, it was just "home." I thrived in the city as an angsty teen, i dug myself deep into the music scene, I met more musicians, photographers, painters, writers -- all the free-spirited, fiy-by-the-seat-of-their-pants, life-loving partiers you would expect to run into in the sleepy little city Seattle was back then. I was completely inspired by every person, every encounter, and every experience. I embraced my creative streak and broke the family tradition of going into finance or insurance, went to art school and got my degree in design, and flew by the seat of my pants some more after I graduated. All the while I had a little glimmer of a dream sparked by passion. I was dreamin' up Jewelbug - I just didn't know it yet. Over the years Seattle changed, I changed, and I moved. I ditched the city and moved to a tiny Island in the San Juans named Orcas and started fervently creating again. Creating is 100% what I was made for, of that I have no doubt.
I strongly believe being a "creative" is something some of us are born into - we don't have a choice. We need to create, to make, to leave our mark somewhere. We need to exercise our right to push boundaries and make doors where there are none, find beauty in the things everyone else passes right by. Creativity, to me, is about the act of making, and surrounding myself with like-minded friends, but also being surrounded by home and body care products, art, and other handmade goods that have been dreamt into the world by another creative. Made by another person like me; who's hands need to make things like mine do. Suddenly that bar of soap, sweet letterpress card, dinnerware set, quilt, candle -- whatever it may be, has deeply rooted a profound connection in me. There's a string that attaches all of us "makers" by the heart, and I love feeling it tug on mine.
So here it is, the culmination of a lifetime of creating, a lot of dreams, skills, people, experiences, encouragement, success, failed experiments, learning, observation, quirky ideas, excitement and naivete leading straight into a cute little shop owned by me! Lauren Galeotti. And, of course, a little (a lot) of help from all the people who I've loved along the way.